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Guangrao county deputy secretary and county governor Lu Jingliang to win the star company research

On February 28, 2015, Li Jingliang, deputy secretary of the Guangrao County Committee of the Communist Party of China, led the relevant department heads to the Baiyun Water Treatment Co., Ltd. of Shengxing Group.
Accompanied by the company's chairman Yan Tingjun and general manager Liu Baojun, the county leaders conducted a field inspection of the current operation of the Baiyun Sewage Treatment Plant and listened to the Chairman's introduction to the company's current corporate development and wastewater treatment.
The county governor fully affirmed the company's development achievements in recent years, and at the same time asked the company to further change its concepts based on the current new normal, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and pay close attention to sewage treatment and emissions while developing, and the county government will fully Supporting the construction of the Shengxing Group's project will create a good condition for Shengxing's healthy development.