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Company leaders send warm greetings to employees on the Spring Festival

On February 18, 2015, on the eve of the Lunar New Year, Liu Baojun, general manager of the company, and Yan Fang, assistant to the general manager, came to the company and expressed condolences to the frontline employees of each workshop, and on behalf of the chairman, distributed festive red envelopes to each employee.

Every time a company leader reaches a post, he will have a detailed understanding of the production and operation, exchange greetings and greetings with the staff and workers, and give everyone a chance to reunite with their families and express their sincere gratitude on the frontline of production. At the same time, it also made stringent demands on the head of the department in charge of safe production during the holiday season. They must pay attention to every detail to ensure that no accidents occurred during the festival. Based on its own position, it strictly controls product quality and safety production, and works hard for the company to achieve its production goals within the year. The employees also expressed sincere gratitude to the company’s leaders for their care and expressed that they must stick to their posts, do a good job, and present their best wishes for the new year.