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Sinochem Changhe Technology Co., Ltd. Mesoscopic mixed-bed hydrogenation and mesoscopic fixed-bed hydrogenation pilot project environmental impact assessment public participation first public announcement

According to the "Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment" (Order No. 4 of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment) and the requirements of relevant national environmental protection laws and regulations, Sinochem Changhe Technology Co., Ltd. mesoscopic mixed-bed hydrogenation and mesoscopic fixed-bed hydrogenation pilot test The pilot project needs to carry out environmental impact assessment public participation work in order to understand the public's attitudes towards the construction of this project and their opinions and suggestions on the environmental protection of this project, and accept the supervision of the public.

1. Overview of the construction project

(1) Project name: Mesoscopic mixed phase bed hydrogenation and mesoscopic fixed bed hydrogenation pilot test project;

(2) Construction site: Shandong Shengxing Chemical Co., Ltd. factory area;

(3) Construction content: The total investment of the project is 9.96 million yuan to build a set of mesoscopic mixed-bed residual oil hydrogenation pilot test equipment and a set of mesoscopic fixed bed wax oil hydrogenation pilot test equipment.

2. Name and contact information of the construction unit

Construction unit: Sinochem Changhe Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Li Haifeng

Contact number: 0546-2953888

Email: dysxhg@126.com

3. Name of the organization that prepared the environmental impact report

Unit name: Shandong Diantu Ecological Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.

4. Web link to the public comment form


5. Ways and means of submitting the public comment form

From the date of this publicity to the publicity of the draft of the project’s environmental impact assessment report, the public can download the public comment form through the above-mentioned network link, and submit written comments on the construction of the proposed project to the construction unit by email or letter after filling it out. , Or communicate by telephone. The public who submits the opinion form should indicate the date of filling the form, real name and effective contact information, so as to provide timely feedback to the public as needed.

Sinochem Changhe Technology Co., Ltd.

August 17, 2020