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The delegation of Liaoning coastal industrial base visited Shengxing

On July 29, Ma Changqing, deputy director of the Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base Management Committee, led the leaders of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the Natural Resources Bureau, the Investment Promotion Bureau and the Administrative Approval Bureau, accompanied by Zhang Jinquan, general manager of Liaoning Shengxing Go down to the Shengxing Group to inspect and hold a symposium for work exchanges.

Chairman Yan Tingjun attended the forum and expressed his welcome to the delegation and thanked the management committee and various departments for their support to Liaoning Company over the years.

Liu Baojun, general manager of the group company, Li Nong, general manager of Shandong Shengxing, and other relevant leaders accompanied the delegation to visit the storage and transportation center, production equipment area, central control room, high-tech laboratory and Baiyun Water Treatment Company of Shandong Shengxing Chemical Company.

Chen Zhiqiang, director of the Strategic Development Committee, introduced the overall situation of Shengxing Group to the delegation, and introduced the near-term technological transformation plan and medium- and long-term development plan of the Liaoning project.

The leaders of the delegation expressed appreciation for the rapid development and standardized management of Shengxing Group, agreed with the development plan and development ideas of Liaoning Shengxing Company, and expressed that they would continue to support the construction and development of Liaoning Shengxing as always.