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Professor Francis Verpoort visited Shengxing Group for inspection and exchange

On July 23, Professor Francis Verpoort, the chief professor of the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials Composite Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, visited the Shengxing Group for inspection and exchange. Leaders from Guangrao Research Institute of Wuhan University of Technology, Guangrao County Party Committee Organization Department, Guangrao County Science and Technology Bureau and other relevant units accompanied him.

Liu Baojun, general manager of Shengxing Group, welcomed the arrival of experts. He pointed out that the development and growth of enterprises must be driven by technological innovation and by high-end talents. Currently, Shengxing Group is transforming new and old kinetic energy, promoting transformation and upgrading and industrial chain extension, speeding up the incubation of emerging industries, and creating technology-leading high-tech enterprises. It is hoped to introduce the Francis Verpoort expert team, gather the resources of both parties, carry out in-depth cooperation, promote enterprise scientific research, advanced technology application and development of new products and new materials, and promote enterprise technological progress and innovation capabilities.

The research team of Professor Francis Verpoort is an international research team. Professor Francis Verpoort, the chief professor of Belgium, is a distinguished expert of the "Thousand Foreign Experts" of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of China. The main research areas include nano-metal organic materials, polymer materials and composite materials, Green chemistry, energy, organic synthesis and drug design, etc. On behalf of Professor Francis Verpoort, associate researcher Chen Chen introduced the team's situation, main research directions and CO2 conversion research results. Chen Zhiqiang, Director of the Strategic Development Committee of Shengxing Group, introduced the basic situation of Shengxing Group and Zhongneng Carbon One New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The two parties fully discussed and exchanged the research direction and results of Professor Francis Verpoort, and reached a cooperation intention.








Xiang Jian, Director of the County Science and Technology Bureau, and Yuan Junli, Executive Dean of the Guangrao Research Institute of Wuhan University of Technology, spoke successively, hoping that the two sides would cooperate sincerely, seek breakthroughs in innovation, and find a way out in development. At the same time, it is necessary to actively promote the project application work of Shandong Province's "Double Hundred Foreign Experts Program".