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Shengxing branch Meng Lianggu went to the party day

We admire heroism, and spend party days in the red land. On June 24, when the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was approaching, the party branch of Shengxing Group launched a theme party day event and organized some party members to Menglianggu, the heroic land that was scorched by historical wars, and relived the magnificent mountains and rivers together. The heroic epic.

Meng Lianggu burst into flames, and the heroic sons and daughters wept over ghosts. The Battle of Menglianggu was a famous battle in the history of the Chinese revolution where the weak defeated the strong. In May 1947, under the command of Chen Yi and Su Yu, the East China Field Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army carried forward the spirit of revolutionary heroism that dare to fight and win, and carried out a mountain movement annihilation battle in Menglianggu. After three days of bloody fighting, the Kuomintang elite was wiped out. The army reorganized more than 30,000 people in the 74th Division and killed Zhang Lingfu, the commander of the division. This turned the situation in East China in one fell swoop and wrote a glorious chapter in the War of Liberation.

The heroic epic is heart-warming, and the passion burns. Under the Menglianggu Battle Memorial on the top of the mountain and in the Menglianggu Battle Memorial Hall, the party members carefully reviewed the battle, the deeds of the martyrs, and the history before the national support. Everyone stopped in front of the cultural relics that crawled over the years, looking forward to the precious historical photos, gazing in front of the lifelike sculptures, touching stories and making realistic models one by one. Everyone seemed to be back on the battlefield that was full of bullets. They really felt the fearless spirit of the revolutionary martyrs who fought bloody, dared to sacrifice, and gave their lives heroically. They deeply felt the Yimeng spirit of the military and the civilians, and shared life and death, which aroused everyone to contribute to the cause of the party and the people. Forgetting the original intention, keeping the mission in mind, the spiritual power to move forward, and the surging passion of being willing to struggle, willing to endure hardships, and dedication for the development of the enterprise.