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Shengxing Group Corporation is located in Shandong, economic development zone, founded in 1991, the group company covers an area of 1620 mu, the total assets of 4400000000 yuan, the existing staff of 800 people, including senior economist 8, economist 13, senior engineer 20 people, 36 people of engineer. Group company is a Dongying victory Star Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Road Logistics Co. Ltd., Shandong days Tuoli Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Shandong Zhuo is Properties Limited, Liaoning Shengxing Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Liaoning Shengtai Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Shenzhen City, Qianhai Wanfeng Energy Investment Co. Ltd., Limited Hong Kong Company, Dongying Sheng Jin Energy Star Chemical Co. Ltd., Guangrao King heating company, Guangrao Baiyun water treatment Co. ltd.. Group has now become a petroleum chemical industry as the leading industry, petroleum chemical, fine chemical, chemical machinery, international trade, finance and investment, real estate development, sewage thermoelectric integrated chemical enterprises, the industrial output value reached 60000000000 yuan.

Group headquarters has 100000 tons of coke, 250000 tons for gasoline and diesel oil refining 3800000 tons, 1200000 tons of raw material pretreatment, reforming, 1800000 tons hydrocracking, 2000000 tons of high sulfur residue hydrogenation, 100000 tons of sulfuric acid, 25000 tons of carbon dioxide recovery, 100000 tons of gasoline desulfurization and benzene, 60000 vertical Fang Chengpin depots, storage and transportation logistics center project etc.. The company has independent right to import fuel oil, through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental protection certification, OHSAS18000 occupation health management system certification, cleaner production certification. In 2015 the company integrated processing capacity will reach 6000000 tons, industrial output value reached 56000000000 yuan. The production of the device using the international advanced TPS and SIS control integration automatic control system, is the deepest depth of domestic processing, device matching and market regulation of the strongest local petrochemical enterprises.

Liaoning Shengxing Petrochemical Co. Ltd is located in the coastal industrial base in Liaoning city of Yingkou Province, is the tenth subsidiary corporation in 2012 to build, the investment of 730000000 yuan of new 400000 tons / year of carbon four liquefied gas comprehensive utilization project has been started.

Sheng star people be conscientious and do one's best, be vigilant in peace time, not live up to all the love and hope, Sheng star people adhering to the "China boom, Sheng star service" concept, practical action to interpretation of Xi Jinping president "empty talks, hard work and prosperous" the road of revival of Chinese nation theory.