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More than 1,500 employees


Company covers an area of more than 1620 acres

Creating premium brand, building time-honored Shengxing


The company was founded in 2009


Shengxing Group Corporation is located in Shandong, economic development zone, founded in 1991, the group company covers an area of 1620 mu, the total assets of 4400000000 yuan, the existing staff of 800 people, including senior economist 8, economist 13, senior engineer 20 people, 36 people of engineer. Group company is a Dongying victory Star Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Road Logistics Co. Ltd., Shandong days Tuoli Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Shandong Zhuo is Properties Limited...

Shandong Dalu Logistics

Liaoning Shengxing Petrochemical

Guangrao Baiyun Water Treatment

Shandong Tiantuoli Petrochemical


Creating premium brand, building time-honored Shengxing


Creating premium brand, building time-honored Shengxing

The Party Group of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology visited Shengxing Company to observe and investigate

During the field investigation stage, members of the Party Group Study Group of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau visited Shengxing Chemical Company to observe the production plant, the central control room and the engineering laboratory to understand the production and operation of the enterprise, listen to the introduction of the enterprise, and propose construction for the enterprise Sexual advice. In the stage of study and discussion, Du Zhenbo, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Municipal Industry and Information Bureau, deeply understood the state governance and administration, speeded up the construction of a modern industrial system, focused on grasping development trends, built a good industrial ecology around the industrial chain, based on the functional positioning of industry and information, and gave full service A wonderful report was made in three aspects including the healthy development of the enterprise industry. He pointed out that the new crown epidemic and US policies have had a huge impact on the global economy, and the restructuring of the global industrial structure has become an inevitable trend. At present, to gradually form a new development pattern with domestic and international dual cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles, it is necessary to upgrade the modernization level of the industrial chain and supply chain, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, accelerate key core technology research, and create new advantages for future development. At the symposium, Liu Baojun, secretary of the Party branch and general manager of Shengxing Group, made exchanges and speeches on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the company and high-quality development in combination with studying the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. He said that it is necessary to keep up with the times, firmly establish a new development concept, and keep up with the times during the transformation and upgrading period of the enterprise; it is necessary to insist on promoting technological innovation, leading by artificial intelligence, accelerating the upgrading and transformation, and strengthening the strength of the enterprise; The spirit of the king of "final, determined, do well, dare to be the world's first", to be an excellent and strong enterprise, and make due contributions to the city's economic development.
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Creating premium brand, building time-honored Shengxing


Shengxing Group always regards the concept of “business for me and business for me” as the foundation of all its work.

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Creating premium brand, building time-honored Shengxing



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